Do You Know? You Are Expected To Die At The Age Of 55 If You Are Nigerian

Life expectancy is generally lower on the African continent compared to the rest of the world with Nigeria not being exempted. For Nigeria, it has been set at 55.2 years, according to SWEDISH NOMAD. The main reason for this lowlife expectancy has been attributed to poverty.

A great number of Nigerians are poor while some of them lose their lives to diseases which could have otherwise been treated. The rate of child mortality is quite high as well. Still yet, the consumption of toxic water and diseases such as malaria and cholera also play a huge role in the mortality rate.

The life expectancy set at 55.2 years for Nigerians is one of the sad facts about the West African Country. Things are getting better for some Nigerians, but it is expected that rapid population growth will bring further problems for the poor ones.