See Country Where Children Can Change Their Gender After Birth

A southern-eastern state in Australia has become the fifth to allow birth certificate change reforms.

The new reform would allow transgender people change their documents without undergoing medical procedures.

Victoria’s reform also means children will be able to change their genders as long as they have approvals from their parent and doctor A southern-eastern state in Australia, Victoria, has become the fifth state with a law that allows transgender people to easily change their gender on paper.

According to a Daily Mail report, the birth certificate bill passed 26-14 in the Victorian Upper House on Tuesday, August 27. However, it still awaits the royal assent before it official becomes a law in the state.

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The new law will allow transgender and gender diverse folks the freedom to have their documents reflect their gender of choice. It is also still applicable to those among them that have previously had gender reassignment surgeries.

Victoria’s birth certificate bill will also take into consideration children who want to change their gender, given that they have the permission of their parents. Alongside the permission from parents or guardians, such children will also need to have a statement from a doctor or psychologist. Speaking about the development, Equality Minister Martin Foley said:

“Interstate and international evidence shows that whilst not a large number of people take up the these options it’s simply is an option that’s there to people.

“Its the decision taken to validate that the identity documents reflect the reality of the life that people live.”

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