”Oga in your time hard work payed” Nigerian Youths React To Dele Momodu’s Grass To Grace Story

Young Nigerians have continued to attack Ovation publisher, veteran journalist and former presidential aspirant, Chief Dele Momodu over his grass to grace story.

Chief Momodu had earlier this Tuesday morning via his twitter account said ”It makes me sad when I hear people say “things were easier in your days…” It is not true. We laboured hard and did menial jobs. I was an errand boy at CSS Bookshop in Ile-Ife before becoming a village teacher and Library Assistant at the University. In between, I was jobless…” but young Nigerians appear not to be having none of the tale as they have repeatedly queried him over his implied suggestion that things were as bad as it is right now while he was also growing up.

A twitter user @God4kola replying him replied ”OK sir. but at this time of our life such chance or opportunities are slim. i wasn’t even fighting for such chance anymore.but for my niece and nephew yet they re within said now they looking for same opportunity you had. thanks for reply sir.” and yet another user @BigBannyB2C

said “Things were easier in your days”. Maybe.. The jobs people took up then, we hardly get them now, though We know there are people who couldn’t achieve anything in your days. . Anyways, you had a dream and a target and you went for it.Thank God for your success story sir.”

Below are more reactions to Dele Momodu as monitored: