Young Man Calls For The Torture And Deaths Of Other Men (Photos)

An aggrieved   Nigerian man, with the user handle@voguewriter has taken to  the micro blogging platform, Twitter to leash out at men who sxxually assault women.    The man who hauled all sort of ill words to men, revealed how a lot of men deserved to be tortured and burnt to death. His savage tweets sparked outrage as many blasted him for saying such a word. Taking to his twitter page, he wrote;

Twitter user spews unbelievable hatred for men and calls for them to be


”Men are bastards. Men are nothing but conceited, arrogant bastards who feels entitled to everything pertaining to women. Scum of the fucking earth. A lot of you men deserve to be tortured to death. Burned alive. Argue with your keyboards. He continued to rant as his tweet sparked outrage on the streets of twitter.

Tell me, not all men and l’ll fucking block your idiotic ass. I used to think i really understood how disgusting our gender could be , but alas, men keep surprising me again and again. Now i really see why women are afriad of us. I really see why the patriarchal system has to be destroyed. Now i really see why saying ”not all men” is so fucking stupid. All men are potential r*pists. Yes, i said it. I’m a man and i said it.”


Twitter user spews unbelievable hatred for men and calls for them to be

He generalised by slamming all men and went as far as inciting violence towards men. He said all men “deserve to be tortured to death and “burned alive”. Apparently, From his tweets, Addei’s anger is presumed to have stemmed from the increasingly cases of rape and sxxual assault. He said “all men are potential r*pists” and added, “every day I see new cases of rape and sxxual assault on my tl”. He went further to end the tweet with,

”Seriously, what is wrong with you men ?? A woman’s body is hers. You don’t have the right to touch her if she doesn’t want you to touch her.”

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