See What Ghanaian Man Was Caught Doing In An Airplane That Got People Talking (Photos)

The photos of a Ghanaian man grinding pepper on the plane as he eats the sauce with cassava flakes, has gotten alot of reactions from Nigerians. Check the photos below;

The man who took to his social media page to share a photo of himself literally grinding raw pepper on the plane. He captioned the post;

”I bet I’m the first ewe man on earth to twii meko (grind pepper) in the sky. I knew they wouldn’t show me the way to their kitchen so instead of sitting and complaining about their food, i decided to be my own chef here.”


”After all where i come from, we always make a way where there seem to be no way. #Banku with meko papabi. Please be looking in the sky for me wai. I’ll need someone to catch me in case the air hostesses throw me through the window of this trotrot”


Alot of people reacted to the photos reprimanding him for doing something like that inside an aeroplane. I guess he was so hungry, he couldn’t settle for what they were serving hence making his own dish.

It would be recalled that a Nigerian lady and Facebook user, Eunice Ugonwa, took to the platform to share the inspiring story of a blind man who grinds pepper and other food items for a living.

Eunice who disclosed that she met the man while looking for a place to grind her beans for moi-moi delicacy, revealed that he is quite faithful in his job. Here is a video of the blind man grinding/doing his job below;

According to the Facebook user, the blind man who grinds pepper for a living, lives in a Zinc House he also uses as his shop. She also gave the location of his shop, as MCC road after mountain of fire in Imo State.


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