See Physically-Challenge Small-Sized Corper At POP That got A Lot Of Talking (Photos)

A physical challenged small sized corper has been making rounds on social media after he shared a photo of himself posing with his National Youth Service Corps certificate, NYSC. The small-sized corper unashamedly showed off his NYSC certificate after passing out yesterday.


The photo has become something of a growing sensation and gotten a lot of people talking. This evidently proves that disability is not an excuse, an online user said.




The corp member was applauded and congratulated for pursuing his dreams despite his disabilities. The disabled corp member was pictured smiling to the camera as he posed with his certificate.


Although, something else sparked reactions, can you look carefully at the photo above to spot it?

It would be recalled that 2018 Batch ‘B’ Corp members passed out yesterday. Here is how to over come Post Service Depression.  it is a general belief that life begins for young adults immediately after graduating from the university. But for some, there’s a mercy extension till after NYSC. All according to the proverbial hand.

Whichever the case, for another batch of gallant men and woman who availed themselves for service to the fatherland, yesterday is the first day of the rest of their lives, and I don’t mean it metaphorically.

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The pellicles should be falling already; for the late bloomers it’s usually around the time you receive your discharge certificate. Reality further sets in as you propel yourself, seeking purpose, asking what comes next.

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Fingers twitch relentlessly, eager to force-dial those uncles and aunties into finally making a move. The odds are they’ll take your action as an excuse to explain away their ineptitude.

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Not that they don’t wish you well (shockingly, they might not). It’s just what is. What then do you do to not become a victim of post-NYSC depression? Here are a few tips:

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1) Hang around people or places that give you joy

2) Do things that give you joy. If you’re lucky enough, you could start making a living off them.


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3) Never let anybody dictate to you how your life should go or be at any point in time. If your choices bounce back, fine, at least you know you lived life on your own terms.

4) Be your own source of joy.

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Always remember, your best is yet to come.  Happy POP, guys!

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