Things Get Beyond Control As Man Seeks Divorce After 33-Year Marriage – See  Alarming Details 

Under normal circumstances, no one enters into a marriage expecting it to fail.However, A
Customary Court in Ibadan on Wednesday May 15, 2019 has dissolved a 33-year marriage between one Taiwo Dosumu and his wife, Omolara, due to threat to life.

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President of the Court, Mr. Ademola Odunade, advised people to be wary of their deeds in relationships because their past actions might haunt them.“The union between Taiwo and Omolara has ceased to be in the interest of peaceful living.“The only child produced by the union is already married and so, free to relate with both parents.“Taiwo shall pay N5,000 to Omolara to enable her move her belongings away from the house,” the arbitrator ruled.

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However, in his petition to the court, Dosumu, a businessman and resident of Orita-Challenge in Ibadan, stated that his wife was retarding his progress and therefore, could no longer cope with her.“I would have changed my mind if I had known that my union with Omolara exactly 33 years ago will be full of bitterness and anguish.“I was doing pretty well in my business, hustling for life and travelling to different parts of the world before Omolara came to ruin me.

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He added “I started encountering problems of deportation at different times and in different countries. Then, I sold off most of my property to re-strategise but Omolara was pulling me down spiritually.“I informed her of my plans to make it again, but I caught her saying; `You have not yet seen the worst.’ “Knowing that my mother is fully behind me, Omolara took her name to a hired killer to eliminate her.

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“However, my mother got the revelation of the evil plan and she advised me to send Omolara out of my house. Due to my sincere love for her, I pretended as if nothing happened.“While I was in Japan, I bought a gold jewelry for N1m. Omolara kept it away from me when I needed to sell it because I was in need.“Despite the fact that I sent a lot of money to her when our first child was sick, Omolara squandered the money until the child died.“For the past nine years, I abandoned the home for her because she hasn’t stopped threatening my life,” Dosumu said.

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The respondent, who opposed the suit, however, did not deny any of the allegations leveled against her. Omolara argued that her husband was such a wicked man who wanted her to suffer in the twilight of her life.“My lord, all the issues raised by Taiwo are already forgone matters because we’ve long settled them.“He had abandoned me for the past nine years and now he wants to sell the only hope I have. Please, for the sake of our child and grandchildren, don’t separate us,” Omolara begged.

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However, testifying in the case, Oyindamola, the child produced by the duo, pleaded with the court not to separate her parents.She pointed out that her father was callous and that there was nowhere her mother would go to if the marriage was dissolved.

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