Wife from hell! Divorces husband, ‘steals’ their kids, arrests him with police for ‘stealing’ car he bought for her

A Ibadan woman, Shakirat Akande, who divorced her husband, Muri Akande, in 2015 has come back to torment him in 2019.

In July 2015, a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, dissolved the union between Muri and Shakirat.

The Customary Court presided over by Chief Ademola Odunade, approved the divorce due to Shakirat’s troublesome nature. It directed the parties to go their separate ways. Shakirat pleaded to be allowed to go with the couple’s three children, but the court refused.

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It awarded custody of the three children to Muri because Shakirat reportedly did not show enough proof that she could take care of the children.

But Shakirat disobeyed the order and ran away with the children. She later came back and begged Muri to accept him, which he did. Unknown to him, he had just bought more problems for himself.

This morning, Muri and Shakirat landed in the customary court again.
Muri told the court that four years after the court’s pronouncement, his ex-wife refused to give him custody of the children and that she had made life more difficult for him.

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“My lord, not too long after your judgment in 2015, Shakirat came pleading with my parents, friends and other family members to forgive her for the sake of the children. After promising to be obedient and abide by my instructions, I allowed her back.

“However, Shakirat soon went back to her vomit and she even made my home a hell. Shakirat then got me arrested by the police, claiming that I stole her car.

“After proper investigation, the police discovered that I never stole any car and that the vehicle in question was the same one I willingly gave her when we first broke up.

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“The police’s investigation revealed that Shakirat hid the car somewhere, but implicated me probably to get another car or to put me in trouble. In fact, Shakirat has not stopped threatening my life,” Muri said

Chief Odunade, the President of the Customary Court held that Shakirat was in contempt for refusing to obey the court order which compelled her to hand over custody of the children to Muri.

Odunade berated Muri’s action for accommodating Shakirat without involving the court that had separated them.

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“You see, when we put an end to relationships here, we know what we are doing. In my observation, Shakirat would have become more hardened in her misbehaviours.

“If you had informed us before accepting her back, we would have given her conditions. However, criminal contempt is hereby issued against Shakirat,” the Arbitrator said.

He adjourned the case till May 30 for the continuation of hearing.

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