Shina Peller, king of nightlife, charges customers who constantly party at popular Lagos Night Club

The son of the late popular great magician Professor Peller who doubles as the boss of Quilox and Aquila records contested for a parliamentarian position in Oyo state and was elected for the first time as member house of representative in the just concluded 2019 election in Nigeria.

One can say his victory at the 2019 polls in Oyo state where he contested could be seen as an indication that Professor Peller ‘s antecedents spoke for him. He behaves like a Pan African, report has it that he had donated a large amount of money to an NGO in the Benin Republic.

He ​has been ​appointed Grand ​Patron of ONG Jeunsess Dynamique, a popular NGO in France and the Benin Republic. He is internationally recognized as a major African nightclub owner. In March 2014, he represented Nigeria at the Nightclub and bar convention in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

He has a charity foundation. The foundation is called Help The Blind And Handicapped. Which provides assistance to physically challenged individuals by empowering them through scholarships and business grants.

One can say, this milestone of achievements was attributed to the reasons electorates in Oyo state preferred him over other aspirants at the polls. If he doesn’t have what it takes to be a successful parliamentarian, am sure he won’t have delved into it, but also time will tell if he can sustain the love the electors have for him as a parliamentarian.

One thing is to be successful at a private and personal business, it is another kettle of fish to legislate efficiently with proper representation of one’s constituency. Upon resumption to office, he must be willing to sacrifice a lot of things for this new position and am sure he is also aware even though he is a debutant.

Ballers most especially the big boys, Slay mama’s that can’t wait for a Friday night or ladies night at Quilox to spend their money should also be aware that the attention of their “host” will soon be shifted because he will spend bulk of his time in Abuja brainstorming how to make laws that would affect the lives of those who elected him in Oyo state positively.

No doubt, a tree can’t really make a forest. This alluded to the fact that he has some arsenals that are working alongside him in his business development. Having said this, It is not out of place to say there will be no cause for alarm in the change in Peller’s itinerary come June 12, 2019, when he resumes the federal official function fully. As a successful young and vibrant business mogul, he should expect challenges and know how to surmount them I guess.

What is the faith of the big boys who pride with the hip hop song sang in Yoruba language saying “Ma Fara we wa ooo, iwo to n gba salary ??? “Nawo nawo ni wa”…Meaning doesn’t imitate us if you are earning a salary, because we are spenders. They are truly right because if a salary earner dares tried to imitate this category of spenders regardless of his high income, he will definitely go bankrupt.

This being said, what is going to be the faith of “BALLERS” when their host Shina Peller has assumed an exalted office where he has to make laws from Abuja for the people in Oyo that may undermine the interests of some of his customers in Lagos? Would he attract less or more customers at Quilox if he resumes office fully?

These two questions are begging for answers, leave a comment if you have something to say in this regard.

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