SHOCKING! Man Flaunts His 2 Big-Sized Curvaceous Girlfriends, Wants Them To Gain More Weight (Photos)

There have been a viral video making rounds on social media that has gotten alot of people taking. This particular video depicts a middle-aged man who lives and sleeps with his two super-sized girlfriends on same bed, and even goes as far as encouraging them to gain more weight.

The excited man while on interview reveals that he loves both of them equally and fairly and also looking forward to bring a fourth lover to the mix.   See shocking video;

Meet a polyamorous 3 lovers, a man and his super big-sized two girlfriends that live together.

The middle-aged man who’s also a father of one, talked about his responsibility to his son and his girlfriend and how he finds a balance between them all.

Justin, from South Carolina, lives with his super-curvaceous girlfriends Shan and Lue, who both self-identity as Super Sized Big Beautiful Women (SSBBWs), and his baby daughter Gianni.

Despite his own slender physique, Justin is a committed “feeder”, meaning he likes to actively encourage his partners to gain

weight, whipping up super high-calorie meals, including weight gain shakes full of candy bars, to help his ladies pile on the pounds.

The trio reveal their extraordinary relationship in WE TV series Extreme Love. Justin’s two girlfriends, Shan and Lue are also lovers. They have lesbian sex too sometimes.

The three of them sleep on same bed, while Justin sleeps in between the two. Does every other thing like cooking, doing laundry and other chores together.

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