Nigerians spit fire as Charlie boy replies to “APC BRIBERY” accusations

Popular Political activist Deji Adeyanju called out fellow convener of the “Our Mumu Dan Do” movement Charlie Boy on twitter yesterday afternoon. Deji claims Charles Oputa popularly known as “Charly boy, Area Fada” went against the ideals and tenets of the movement and received bribes from incumbent party APC to counter  the presidential aspirant of the PDP Atiku Abubakar.

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Deji tweeted thus; “I didn’t want to respond or ever say a word about my withdrawal from Our Mumu Don Do but going through report, I must now clear the air.”

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“Charly Boy is the number one Mumu in Nigeria. He collected money from them to do a video against the main opposition candidate -Atiku and also to stop attacking Buhari.”

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Deji’s revelation sent twitter NG into a frenzy.

The FBI agents on twitter moved in with full force to tackle Deji’s integrity.

Many others didnt bother because they knew all along.

Image result for how did they know gifDeji Adeyanju was quick to back up his claims with audio proof and it was indeed very revealing indeed.

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While many were shocked to the bone by Deji’s revelation

Some were not surprised by Area fada’s actions

Others saw through the entire tirade,


As tensions was rising, someone was kind enough to provide refreshments for the teeming commenters

(God will bless this woman o, )

Deji finally got someone on his side

Charly boy eventually responded to the Deji Adeyanju allegations.
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As usual, The Twitter commenting association of Nigeria gathered to scrutinise Area Fada’s responce.

While some were expecting a direct responce from Charly Boy, others were at each others throat for personal reasons.

Others went down history line to remind Area Fada of his teammates.

Moral twitter was not left out of the tirade.

Whats your take on the Charlie Boy-Deji Adeyanju saga? Do you think Deji is angry because he didn’t get a cut from the bribe? Was Charlie boy right to collect bribes from the people has was supposedly fighting against? Is the ”Our Mumu Dan Do” movement a sham? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.