How To Ask A Guy Out Over Text: 4 Super Moves To Get The Answer You Want From That Crush Of Yours

Texting. What a wonderful invention. It lets us ask a quick question without an hour long phone call, lets us get to know someone without the jitters, and lets you ask someone out with a bit less fear. Asking your mom for advice when it comes to knowing how to ask a guy out over text might not be the best idea. Seeing as texting was only invented in about 13 years ago. But good news, it’s not that hard. You do not want to start a texting conversation with “will you go out with me?” That will catch him off guard. Instead break the ice. Chat about your day, a new song you discovered, or anything that can be carried over into the potential date. You can even bring up a movie you’ve been dying to see or a restaurant you love as a smooth transition into the ask out.

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Before asking him out, you want to make sure there is some sort of chemistry there. It can be hard to determine that via text, but it is possible. Instead of texting like you are sending a business email, make jokes, be sarcastic, even flirt. His response to these types of message will help clue you into his interest level. If he responds back with one word answers and shuts down your attempts to flirt, you may want to abort mission. Onto the actual ask out. Don’t worry too much. It shouldn’t take you hours to come up with the perfect thing to say. If you are that nervous to ask him out, you may not be ready for the date. Actually, asking a guy out over text only ends happily when the guy likes you back. It is a 50-50 chance. The society has made us believe only guys should ask girls out but on the contrary, it works both way.

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Go Straight To The Point

You don’t need to write an epistle. Be straight forward. Expecting them to guess what you mean may actually take long thereby breaking your own heart yourself. What if they never guess?

Make Yourself Clear

If you are asking him to go out with you, tell him it’s a date not that you’re just offering him a ticket to go see a movie with you.

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Be Bold

Have confidence. Don’t send the text and start making excuses later.  Being bold is an advantage on your side because most guys like women who know what they want and go for it.

Don’t give him a choice

Don’t give him a way out like telling him it will be okay if he says no. You’re unknowingly putting words in his mouth.  If he wants to decline, allow him do it himself. Not to mention, use simple English. Reread your message and check for errors. Using little or no abbreviations is advisable.

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