INFORMATION IS POWER! Lady Narrates How Getting Information Landed Her A Job In An International Company

I love to read, I am a news junkie, I love to keep abreast on current World affairs and National affairs, I like to be informed, I love to speak and have people be entrailed when I speak, don’t look at my face, focus on the words coming out of my mouth, I love to impact knowledge and also learn, I learnt a very long time ago that information is power, information is a door opener, information gives you contracts, information gives you results and information gets the job done.

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I do not consider any sort of information to be a waste, right or wrong information is information.

I was offered employment very recently, during the interview a lady came out and was complaining bitterly about how the lady who interviewed her kept asking questions about the current state of the Economy and Real Estate in the country “How could she ask me that” she said, “what’s my business with the Economy” I looked at her in Awe, I tried to tell her, you’re supposed to know these things, they’re basic knowledge open to interpretation and expansions.

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Needless to say, when it was my turn after the pleasantries of self-introductions, I was asked what is the current political state of the country? What is the current state of the Economy? What is the current state of Real Estate in the Country? I do not want to tooth my horn but I didn’t study politics and International relations for nothing, I floored those questions, met with management, answered their questions, although I told them I would love to grow and be groomed at the company while achieving profitable results, when I got my offer for employment it was way better than what I applied for.

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Truth is our generation is not a reading generation, I love movies too, I like to have fun but if they’re gonna bomb the Iran or North Korea tomorrow I want to be in the know, I want to tell others about it, Information is POWER! Information is KEY!

Ibeji Isabella.


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