Why the Rush? Here’s 5 Reasons why You shouldn’t Marry Young

There is simply no reason to marry young today. Got knocked up? Fine. Nobody bats an eyelash at single parents today, or unmarried parents. Shoot, A lot of men and women have children and never marry. You want financial stability? You don’t need a husband: you need a therapist to help you understand why you’re afraid of pursuing your dreams. Here are 5 reasons you absolutely should not marry young.

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1. You’ll miss the time to have male friends
Male friends are so valuable! You might learn more about what you want in a man from your male friends, than from dating tons of men! And your early and mid twenties are a prime time to have male friends: it’s the first time in life people realize they don’t have to have sleep with anyone of the opposite sex, and men will be your friend. But, if you’re married, it’s kind of inappropriate for you to be throwing back beers with a group of other men on a Friday. So no male friends for you

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2. You can lose your drive
A major driving force behind us pursuing our dreams is so that we can become a person we respect and love, so that someone else will respect and love us. But if we marry someone when we haven’t achieved any of our goals, we lose a lot of the drive to keep pursuing them.

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3. You won’t know how to be alone
Those single years in your twenties are when you learn how to be alone. They’re when you learn how to bring yourself up out of a depression, and how to boost your own confidence when you’re having self-deprecating thoughts. But if you have someone else around to do all of that for you, you’ll never develop that muscle yourself. And you’ll just lose that muscle.

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4. You’ll meet fewer people
When you’re single, and at an event where you don’t know anyone, you mingle! You mostly do it to meet a guy, but through that you meet interesting people, work contacts, people you learn from, new friends and so much more! But, when you have a husband at your side, you get lazy and just stick with him. So much for expanding your social circle.

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5. Divorce is one of the worst experiences possible
It really is. Some divorcees say they’d rather die than get divorced again. And young marriages have a much higher risk of divorce than marriages that take place later in life.

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