PLS HELP! My wife Is Not Interested In S*x Anymore- Nigerian man cries Out

Among the many challenges that couples in a steady relationship often face, keeping the spark alive is the most difficult act to manage. A lot has been written and said about how most people start losing interest in sex when they are in a committed relationship for a long time. In fact, a few researchers have conducted this interesting study on how fast a person loses interest in sex and if it’s gender-specific, and the conclusions are quite interesting. A Nigerian mean in need of help has cried out on social media over his wife’s sudden lack of interest in sexual activities.






We have been married for almost 10 years now, with 5 kids. The last child is over 2 years old. My wife used to indulge me with sex a lot. And I enjoyed every bit of it. Sometimes I indulge her a lot too. I do sometimes resist it. Same with her too. Such has been our sex life so far; which has been good enough.

However, I started noticing a lot of reluctance in her each time I approach her for sex more than a year ago now. And it is getting worse these days. Each time I demand an explanation from her, she either complains of tiredness, headache or that she is seeing her period. The surprising thing to me now is that each time I touch her breast she cringes like a person that just stepped on Unclad electrical wire. Not to even mention several weird nightmares I experience each time I force my way, which even against my personal principles and ethics.


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Note that I don’t do sex like on a daily basis. Once or twice in a week is ok for me. Our sex life is dying. I don’t know what becomes of this marriage without sex. And I do really love her. Any good suggestions will be appreciated.

Loss of sex interest among people in a relationship depended on their gender. As per the researchers, women lose interest in sex much faster than men when they are in a committed relationship. 

Other similar reasons include, “not sharing the same level of sexual interest with a partner, and not sharing the same sexual likes and dislikes”. Researchers also found that sexual desires of couples in a serious relationship decrease with age, which means the older a couple grew, their sexual attraction also dimmed gradually. According to experts, couples should not let monotony affect a long-term relationship. They should try to keep the communication about their sexual likes and dislikes alive—so that a partner is not in the dark when the other’s sexual preferences change with time.


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Losing interest in sex is quite common among couples in a committed relationship. But instead of keeping it a secret from each other, couples should share their problems and both the partners should be aware of it. It’s always better to address a problem when it arises instead of letting it grow out of proportion, which might threaten to weaken the relationship.

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