UNBELIEVABLE! See How A Monkey Kidnapped 2-Year-Old Boy And Forced Him To Play With It; Refuses To Give Him Back (Photos)

A monkey kidnapped a two-year-old boy from a house in India so it had someone to play with- then hugged the boy and refused to give him back. The primate and the baby can be seen sitting by the roadside as the monkey tries to peel something from the child’s hair. A woman who spotted the baby and can be seen approaching the primate to rescue the baby, who was thought to have been taken from a house in Haryana, but the monkey refuses to let it go. The woman can be heard saying, ‘From where did you get the baby. Let me take it home.’

After which the monkey hugs the kid and refuses to let the woman take him along with her.The monkey appears to be acting playfully with the toddler. But the baby had no idea as to what was going on or how to escape out of its clutches. The woman continues trying to cajole the primate into letting go of the toddler, but soon retreats to assess her options.  A bystander who witnessed the event immediately captured it on his mobile phone in case anything went wrong.

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