This Lady narrates her ordeal with a cute banker that had horrible breath! Here are tips on how to get rid of it

We can definitely relate to some of the stories we see on Twitter, it could have us gasping for joy, down with sorrow or rolling on the floor with laughter. Today’s episode is about a girl identified as @SaucedMaggi. She narrates her ordeal with  man she was immediately attracted to and just as immediately turned off by

According to her, ‘when this guy got to me, he smiled and I blushed like a fool.. Then he open his mouth and asked, “Can I have your pen”? For a second, I lost consciousness , Not because he finally talked to me but damn! his mouth odour is out of this world’.

Twitter Stories: Lady reveals how she was?disappointed by a cute guy she met at a bank who had mouth odour
Mouth odour is an embarrassing condition caused by a group of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that breeds beneath the surface of the tongue and often in the throat and tonsil area. These anaerobic bacteria assist in digestion by breaking down proteins into amino acids, and in the process they excrete waste as odorous and bad tasting compounds that cause bad breath.
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You should note that this condition is an easy one to solve, and nothing to worry about. You only need to be dutiful and dedicated about it.
If you or your dentist can identify the type of smell in your bad breath, this can help to pinpoint its origin. This oral-systemic link means your dentist may identify potential problems elsewhere in your body – just as an optician can by examining your eyes.

Here are the types of smells different systemic disease bad breath:

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  • A cheesy smell usually indicates your bad breath has a nasal origin.
  • fruity smell may indicate uncontrolled diabetes due to increased
  • fishy smell may indicate kidney disease, as increased urea levels can cause a fishy smell such as in  (trimethylaminuImage result for mouth odourria)
  • An acidic smell can be a sign of asthma or cystic fibrosis
  • scent of ammonia can indicate kidney problems
  • A sweet, musty odor may signal liver cirrhosis
  • A fecal odor may point to a bowel obstruction

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There are 12 types of ‘bad breath’ caused by disease in your body

  • Tonsil breath
  • Sinus breath
  • Lung breath
  • Gut breath
  • Metabolic breath
  • Diabetes breath
  • Drug breath
  • Liver breath
  • Trimethylaminuria breath
  • Menstrual breath
  • Drug-induced bad breath
  • Halitophobia

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For cases that re not so severe, you can cure bad breath by observing the following
  1. Eating fibrous fruits and vegetables e.g apple, banana, orange, potatoes etc
  2. Brushing twice a day (especially the back of your tongue)
  3.  Stimulate your salivary glands

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