WATCH: Girl Puts Her Private Part On Display While Dancing On Social Media ( Video)

A Ghanaian blog has intercepted a video somewhere on social media of a young Ghanaian lady who mistakenly put her privates on display when having a Facebook Live session with her friends. The unidentified lady, apparently, had so much time at her disposal, therefore, decided to entertain her followers by recording a live video.


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And like many aimless Ghanaian ladies, she was exhibiting her dancing skills to her friends on the social network. Of course, a song was being played at the background while she was tw3rking and displaying her moves – like it’s Fridaaaay.

She suddenly started teasing her male viewers, by pulling up her mini skirt little by little, and gosh the devil on her side exposing her Akosua Kumaa. The lady unaware of the development kept dancing until she realized and ran away from the camera.

Watch The Video Below:


Social media is a place where stories on different events and happenings around the globe are documented, thanks to the Upload button. in 2017, a female fan caused outrage on social media after she was filmed grabbing August Alsina’s private part on stage. While performing at his recent concert, the singer is seen standing close to female fans who began to touch him, before one of them went as far as groping his crotch until Alsina backed away.

The video which was shared by The Shade Room is now casing heated reaction following the ongoing series of sexual misconduct against several prominent men in the Hollywood Industry.


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In 2016, the One Finger Selfie Challenge daresd men and women to post a naked selfie while covering their nipples and genitals with just one finger. A slight slip up or down could see them reveal more for than they bargained for.

Well, one sceptical YouTuber Aimee Davison decided to take the challenge and posted a video online. She said: “I didn’t think it was possible – but it is.” Cautiously Aimee first attempted the challenge topless – but with trousers on.  She eventually got the courage to strip fully and successfully complete the challenge. In the video – which has received thousands of views – she reveals it all about getting the right angle. Using a mirror helps too.

Others quickly began taking the challenge using the hashtags #onefingerselfie and #onefingerchallenge. The risky game is believed to be inspired by Japanese anime artist Sky-freedom. It comes after girls took to the internet to participate in the Under Boob Pen Challenge and Butt Flip Challenge earlier this year.