LADIES! Here Is Why You Should Date A Bad Boy

Before you push off that man you think is bad news and is destined to ruin your life, you should hold on a bit and stick around for a while to figure out who he really is; especially the one with the bad boy label. Not everyone of these bad boys are thugs or criminals, some are just that way because of the way they talk, sometimes behave or interact with others. Underneath the toughness, some of them are sweet and romantic and they are the best people to roll with especially if you’re dating. You don’t believe me? These are some of the reasons you should date a bad boy:

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He Is Honest And Confident:

With a bad boy, there is no need to worry about what he is up to because he will be honest with you. If he wants to have sex with you, he is going to say it. If he is really into you, he will say it too and he is confident; he knows what he wants, how he wants it and how to get it. He won’t even bother wasting your time trying to waste; it is either in with him or you’re out.

He Is Fun To Be With:

If you’ve ever wondered what life on a fast lane is like, you need to meet a bad boy. He will bring up fun spontaneous ideas that will keep you on your toes. With him, it is more about living in the moment and having the best times of your life.  Oh, and the sex is always amazing as he is adventurous all round. Say goodbye to the missionary style you’re used to and welcome million ways to have sex that you’ve never even heard about. He will make feel/experience things that you thought was only possible in novels and movies.

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He Looks “AMAZING”:

Some bad boys are termed bad boys because of the way they look and dress (note that a man could wear the finest suit and still be termed the bad boy. People are called bad boys for different things). They are often the “head turners”, the smooth talkers, the neat and super cool dressers and what’s not to like about a guy like this. He is ready to complement you at every occasion and also push you to be a better dresser yourself (as you don’t want to look like trash next to him).

He Is The Perfect Guy:

Far from what we’ve been made to believe that all bad boys are complete assholes and terrible people to fall in love with, some bad boys actually make the best people you can ever be with. Their spontaneity, their honesty, their confidence make them great husband materials and they are also super romantic. Once they are hooked with you, they will do everything in their power to make you the happiest girl on earth.

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He Makes You A Better Girlfriend:

Dating a bad boy changes your perception about what the perfect relationship should be like because he is not your average kind of guy. You discover new things about him daily that makes you understand him for who he is and treat him like he deserves.

At the end of it all, you should never date anybody based on people’s cliché categorization. The so called bad boy may be the one to bring you the peace you need and make you a happy woman all round while the so called Mr. nice guy may just be a complete jerk. When it comes to relationship, your decisions you should be based on your knowledge about that person you want to date and not what the society thinks he is. Nice, bad, jerk; he will be right for you because he is everything you want in a man and not because the society dictates the standard for you. After all, you can never judge a book by its cover.

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