RISKY S*X! Here Are Ways You Are Using The Condom Wrongly

Using a condom may seem second nature to you by now, but are you actually doing it the right way? Sadly, the latest research suggests you might not be.

Failure to check for damage

When removing the condom from the package, most men fail to check for damage before use. Make sure the wrapper isn’t worn down or ripped open, keep your eyes peeled for expired dates, and check for visible imperfections while unrolling. As with an inside-out condom, it’s harder to put it on, since it’s already unrolled so it’s also much easier to break.

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No Lubrication

Condoms without lubrication are bad. If you’re having sex for an extended period of time, the condom is more likely to tear without lubrication. Coconut oil, lotions, massage oils, and petroleum jelly can all break down latex, so stick to silicone-based or water-based lubes instead.

Incorrect Storage

Keeping condoms in wallets or direct contact to sunlight and not complying to the conditions recommended on the package can weaken condoms. Avoid doing so.

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Expiry Dates

Condoms have expiration dates for a reason. Old latex becomes brittle, even if it’s been stored somewhere with much better climate control than a back pocket. Check the date on the package. If it’s in the past, pitch it. Look at the condom itself. If it’s dried out, sticky or brittle, it’s too old to use. Throw it away.

Bitten Condom

Most men are so fond of opening the pack with their teeth and this is way too wrong. Their excuse is that they are always in a hurry. Latex is a good barrier against semen and pathogens, but not against the human teeth. Aside from the actual risks, lube can taste gross. If it’s not visibly punctured or torn, a bitten condom may still be damaged enough to break.

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Incorrect size

It’s really important to try out different condoms to find one what’s best for you. If the condom doesn’t roll all the way down to the base of the penis or if it just seems too tight, it probably is. Condoms actually rarely break, so if it’s happened to you a few times, you probably need a larger size or more lube, If the condom seems too roomy or it slips or slides when you’re having sex, look for a smaller size. And keep in mind that you might be one size in one brand and another size in another brand.

Double condom

Using two condoms will not give you double protection, and neither will using a male condom with a female condom. All this will do is make them more likely to tear, which would actually put you at increased risk of infection and pregnancy. Don’t worry, one is enough.

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Putting It On Too Late 
You might think it’s safe to get started without a condom. This mistake sabotages your pregnancy and STD prevention efforts. Unfortunately, a recent study of people who used two methods of birth control (condoms plus hormonal contraception, for instance), found that only 59 percent of them used the condom correctly, with the rest putting it on too late or taking it off too early. If you want full protection, wear a condom from start to finish.

 Staying on too long

Take it off right after ejaculation when the penis is still hard, hold the base as you slide it off to prevent semen spillage and never try to recycle. Don’t have sex with the same condom during threesome; you could swap fluids by wearing the used condom.

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Bad Timing

An important rule on timing is to make sure a condom goes on and comes off an erect penis. If you try to put your condom on before you are completely erect, it will not go on easily and you could get off to a bad start. Leaving a condom on until your penis loses its erection is dangerous because it allows semen to leak out from the bottom.

These might be the reasons you are are not enjoying sex, contacting infections or she keeps getting pregnant. Condoms are not meant to be recycled or kept in the wallet and most importantly check the expiry date in order to be on the safer side.

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