OOH LALA! Check Out The Health Benefits Of Swallowing Your Partner’s Semen; Numbers 5 And 8 Are Too Important To Ignore

For some, swallowing their partner’s ejaculation could be an erotic activity and a thing of intimacy. While for others, they may find this activity unappealing and repulsive. For some, to swallow, they prefer to swallow while others are repulsive towards the idea of even having to touch it or see it. These are all various preferences of people, and their choices are to be respected. However, there are some key benefits in having to swallow your partner’s semen. It is necessary to learn the contents of semen, and it’s natural advantages to the body.

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Semen is made up of different constituents. About 80% of semen consists of water, and the remaining 20% contains amino acids, proteins, sugar constituents such as fructose and glucose, some mineral components such as zinc and calcium, vitamin C and some other vital nutrients. Less than 1% of semen contains spermatozoa. Little wonder while there are quite many health benefits to swallowing semen ejaculate during sex or oral sex. It is no hidden fact that so many people wonder if it is safe to swallow semen or if the constituents are edible. When semen is ingested into the body, it passes through the oesophagus and enters into the stomach where it will be absorbed and digested just the same way food is digested as well.

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However, in some rare cases, there are times where a person can become allergic to semen due to the kind of proteins that are found there. When a person has this condition, the person is said to be experiencing seminal plasma hypersensitivity. It is not commonly seen among women; however, this doesn’t mean that ladies shouldn’t be aware of this fact. Asides the numerous components of semen that we have just seen, semen could also act as a carrier of some specific things like infections and viruses. There is a considerable tendency that you will become a victim of STIs if you still take in the semen of a partner who has been infected with STDs which may have been left dormant for a period without being treated.

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Normal semen has a weak alkaline taste, but then it can also vary from person to person. The essential property of semen which gives it a bitter taste causes it to have a bitter taste sometimes. In as much as it varies widely, because of the sugar content, it can taste a bit sweet and sometimes it can taste a little bit salty. For some men who may have very sweet semen, this can be an indication of an underlying disease known as diabetes mellitus type 2. During ejaculation, an average volume of semen may contain 2-5millimeters. It is normal to note that depending on the time it took for the last ejaculation to occur and how it was, the volume can increase.

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This means the longer the time interval between this sex and the previous sex, the larger the volume of semen ejaculated. So don’t be surprised if the semen ejaculated is actually much. It could be as a result of the long time you have had sex. What then are the health benefits of swallowing your partner’s semen during or after ejaculation?

1. Semen has been to be a natural antidepressant.

2. Semen has an anti-anxiety effect.

3. Semen can also act as a natural anti-inflammatory drug.

4. Semen helps in boosting the levels of several hormones in the body.

5. Semen can help reduce breast cancer.

6. Semen is a powerful cognitive enhancing drug.

7. Semen helps reduce pre-eclampsia.

8. Semen is extremely nutritious.

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