FINISHING TOO QUICKLY? Use These Few Tips And Tricks To Help You Last Longer During S*x

A lot of men worry about reaching orgasm too quickly. For a lot of reasons, lasting long during sexual intercourse has become vital to both sexually active men and their partners. The question you might want to ask is what exactly makes a man ejaculate early? Whether we like it or not your masturbation habit has a strong influence on what your partner’s sex would feel like. alot of men who masturbate do not know this however if you are looking to last longer during partnered sex it is advisable that you check what your masturbation routine and habits have been. However, there are few things to put into consideration when masturbating.

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1. How long do you masturbate?

It is possible to return your body to last longer you can do this by trying to draw out your masturbation sessions and see if you can make them last longer. The trick to masturbating for long before spilling the milk is to mentally picture how long you would want to last when you’re having partnered sex. Whenever it’s almost time for you to ejaculate during masturbation, try to reduce the level of pleasure and then take it back up by the time you do this repeatedly it will make it easier for you to last longer when you’re having sex with someone else.

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2. How focused are you on reaching orgasm?

When you engage in masturbation, how focused are you and reaching orgasm as fast as possible? Most utilitarian masturbators train their body to take a one-way street to orgasm town. This prevents you from enjoying the actual pleasures of sex before you pop. Introducing some degree of teasing into your masturbation practice could help you last longer both during self-pleasure and partners sex.

3. Pay attention to what happens to your body before orgasm

Before you reach the point where you ejaculate, there are certain things that you might experience. Maybe a shocking sensation or a slight pain, Whatever the feeling is, once you can identify this, it helps you to know when to reduce your pace and when to increase it or even focus on making out to distract yourself before you finally pop.

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4. Give porn a break

Taking a hiatus from pornography during masturbation helps you to monitor the process between arousal and ejaculation which is a great way to extend the duration of your episodes.

5. Manage Anxiety

Well, this might sound not so sexy, but it would be only fair if you can practice at least 10 to 15 minutes daily of meditation so you can last longer.

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6. Pleasuring your partner should be a goal

You can pleasure your partner (that is if you’re having sex with a woman) with your fingers and your mouth in so many other ways when you focus more on foreplay and other forms of sexual activities. Performing oral sex on your female sex partner could help her reach orgasm even faster than you.

7. Avoid numbing sprays and creams

Products that help to numb your penis during sex are unhealthy and not advisable because they prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of sex.

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