CODE RED! These Are 5 Types Of Women You Should Never Consider Dating

OK. So you’re just out of a relationship and you’re fresh in the dating market. You’re thinking of hooking up with a beautiful young woman irrespective of where or how you meet her. It could be at the bar, a red light district or even the club. All you’re concerned about is the fact that she’s single and you should make that move simply because she’s a potential fling or girlfriend in the making. Even though she seems to be a good catch, you may want to watch some subtle signs she may be giving off that may be an indication of the negativity she would bring, if you ever considered dating her. As a result, here are five types of women you should do all you can to avoid (at least till you get to know them well enough) when you’re on the lookout for a woman to date.

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The One That Dislikes What She Does

A lot of women are around who don’t give a hoot what happens to their jobs or careers simply because they would rather not work but get someone who would shoulder all their responsibilities. It is important for you to deduce if she’s on to you for different reasons that have nothing to do with the real you such as your account balance. You can ask her about her career and be on the lookout for how passionate she answers your inquiry. If she’s also driven to leave her present job for something bigger, then that’s a good sign. If she’s however the type that isn’t too keen about what she does and jumps around from one job to the other or repeatedly tells you she dislikes work, she may be out for the money. Women that are like this mostly do not appreciate how generous you may be on the long run which has a negative effect on whatever kind of relationship you plan to have with her.

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The One That’s Always Stuck With Her Phone

Someone that’s attached to their phones are problematic in that they have a need to constantly stay in contact with people perhaps as a means of feeling secured. They may not necessarily be chatting with their friends or acquaintances but they feel a compulsion to check their phone for details. Dependency on social media through their smart phones would present a problem as time goes on if you end up dating them.

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A Lady That Just Came Out Of A Broken Relationship

There are a lot of reasons why these type of women should not be atop your list of potential dates. Though they are very attractive, passionate and wild, chances are they would break your heart. A woman that just got out of a relationship is doing all she can to avoid any new pain. They usually want to be around people and will connect with anyone around them that would make them feel better. Such women would easily jump into any relationship that comes their way which increases the chances of you getting hurt if you ever get attached to them.

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The Lady Seated Alone Downing Drinks In The Bar

A lot of men are attracted to women that can hold their own and do typically the kind of things men do on a regular. It is however important you avoid throwing caution to the wind as she may just be at the bar to blow off steam after a bad day or worse still a breakup. More so, she may be the type that gets emotional after one too many drinks and the fun night you might have been on the lookout for could turn into a night of tears and petting.

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The One That Blames The World For Everything That’s Wrong With Her

Rolling with a pessimistic woman is something you don’t want to do especially one that never sees her fault in things. Such people are basically incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions and would rather blame everyone and everything for whatever wrong befalls them. They would never change any of their problematic attitude because they never see anything wrong in their actions. If you find her constantly talking about how everyone messes up but her, you may want to reconsider going ahead with a relationship.

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