HANDLE WITH CARE! Here Are Five Crazy Things Women Do Because Of Love

As men, we’ve seen women do a lot of terrifying and frustrating things all in the name of love. Some of these things may range from manipulation, invasion of privacy and even domestic violence. The truth however is that it hardly comes from nowhere. It is usually as a result of pent up emotions which built up as a result of what guys did a lot of the time. The things women do may be crazy but they are usually for a reason. Here are five of those crazy things.

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Acting Jealous

If she doesn’t love you, she probably won’t be jealous right? The thing here however is that women tend to have some form of unfounded jealousy which provokes reactions that can be very scary. You could find yourself in a situation where she can go all ballistic on you for flirting with someone in a public place or grabbing your phone to check who you were all smiles with when you received a call. She loves you and wants you, that’s why she goes through the pain.

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Basic fact. Men can wait longer to have children but women always have their biological clocks to consider. She loves you well enough to want you to be the father of her babies and if she’s telling you about kids, you should respect her for this. You may not be comfortable with her timing of bringing it up but she’s just being practical.


Social Media Stalking

The internet can be ascribed to be a crazy and deceptive place. Some women and men are fully participatory in these deceptive processes which tends to backfire at some point in time. Scorned lovers abound on the internet stalking their ex partners. That of women is more serious because when they are in love, they tend to go after all the social media handles of their partners from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat. Their stalking mode is majorly borne out of love even though some may end up taking it overboard.

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When women are in love, they tend to have some sort of severe need for sex that may make you think she’s a nymphomaniac. The honest truth is you should never see her as such for wanting to always have a piece of you as doing so only shows your double standard. The fact remains that if situations were reversed, you’d probably do worse than she’s doing and because she wants to have more sex than she normally does, shouldn’t make you belittle her. Moreover, it would be stupid to tell her you find her sexual desire atrocious as that only portrays you as a weakling not to talk of spoiling the game for the rest of the male folk.

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Breaking Stuff

OK. This is bad to say the least but some women do this because they have no other way of expressing their anger and need for your love. They need your trust and acceptance before they can comprehend any conflict that may arise between the both of you. This may make them lash out at inanimate things which they tend to regret later on’

Acting in any of these ways is toxic not only to the woman but to the man, the relationship and the society. These actions may stem from true love but should never be taken to the extremes.

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