OMG! See The City Where Men Are Now Being Forced To Use Polythene Bags As Condoms

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According to reports, young women flock the area to engage in prostitution since the place is a destination for both local and international tourists. Over the weekend during the World Aids Day, Mr Julius Lelesit said the supply of male condoms in the area has been low and some locals have been using polythene papers during sexual intercourse. Mr Lelesit said the locals are now forced to recycle used condoms after the government banned the use of polythene bags last year.

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He said the situation facing the local residents has led to the spread of HIV/AIDs in the area and unwanted pregnancies. Mr Lelesit said, “There has been rising cases of HIV infections due to the increasing number of people on transit who spend their nights in local lodges and young girls engaging in prostitution due to poverty. The spread of HIV and Aids has been worsened by a section of locals who normally wash used male condoms due to its scarcity especially after the government banned use of polythene carrier bags last year.”

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During the event, Good Life Trust Executive Officer Faith Ndiwa distributed both male and female condoms to the residents. Dr Ndiwa also educated the locals on how to protect themselves from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and on how to use the female condoms. He said, “We planned the event after learning that some locals were recycling used condoms and others using polythene bags during sex. At first, it sounded as a joke but after finding out the truth, I decided to intervene.”