NO VIOLENCE NEEDED! Here Is How You Can Deal With A Stubborn Man In The New Year

Are you married to a stubborn man, but you deeply love him? Dealing with such a man can be a nightmare.  Many women give up on such men because they are always frustrated. The good news is that you can change that man with the little things you do on a daily basis. Here are three ways to deal with a stubborn husband:

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Listen to him without prejudice

A good wife is a listening wife. Always listen to your man before giving your thoughts on any subject.  Listening will make him rethink about his decisions for the better of the marriage.

Analyse the importance of every issue you discuss with him

A stubborn man rarely changes his stand on anything. Always analyse the vitality of every small issue you are addressing with him. You can agree with his thoughts depending on the magnitude of the issue. The rest of the conversation will be determined by the gravity of the matter at hand.

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Be inquisitive

Do not fear to ask him questions from time to time. He might be stubborn but caring. Ask him questions that can better your marriage.  However, be careful not to become nagging to him. Also, consider his mood when asking him questions lest you land in trouble with him.

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