Here Are The Best Condoms In Nigeria That Feel Like Naked Skin; You Really Should Try Them Out In 2019

In case you’re persuaded that wearing an elastic doesn’t feel tantamount to going au naturel, it might be the ideal opportunity for you to purchase an alternate box. Studies discovered that sexual delight expanded when the men announced they were happy with how their condom felt. The exploration, which is distributed in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, examined journal accounts kept by about 2,000 men who had over 29,714 sexual acts. Here are four condoms that vibe like they’re scarcely even there, ensuring joy for both you and your partner.

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Trojan Thintensity

Twenty-five percent thinner than a standard Trojan, this rubber has additional space in the tip so you’re more comfortable. It’s low-odor latex prevents the wearing-a-doctor’s-glove smell. Bonus: For even more sensation, upgrade to Trojan’s BareSkin condom, which is 40 percent thinner than its standard rubber.

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LifeStyles Skyn

Allergic to latex? Not a problem. LifeStyles’ Skyn model is made from a non-latex material called polyisoprene. It’s as strong as latex and as sensitive as an ultra-thin condom. The long-lasting lubricant means longer, more comfortable sex for the both of you.

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Durex Extra Sensitive Condom

Ultra-thin and ultra-strong latex heighten sensitivity. If you’re looking to increase stimulation for her, choose Durex’s Extra Sensitive Ribbed condom.

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Durex Avanti Bare Latex

Made with ultra-fine latex and a pleasant scent, these will provide a natural experience for the both of you.

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