DON’T GO THERE! Here Are 8 Easy Ways To Avoid Falling For A Crush While In A Relationship

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, chances are you had someone you were crushing on either in the past or in the present. Being attracted to someone has little to do with age, whether you’re committed, single or whatever is going on in your life. Being attracted to someone is something that comes unexpectedly and can be difficult to let go off. It’s totally accepted to crush on someone especially if you’re single but could be a different ball game if you’re already committed to someone. If you’re already committed to someone and you find yourself crushing on someone, here are 8 ways you can avoid falling for that new person.

Never Meet Up Privately
Chances are you or your crush would be looking forward to meeting up privately. No matter what the solo hang out is for, be it for lunch, movies or a stroll, don’t agree to it. It may seem totally harmless at first but it may grow into something you won’t be able to contain later on which you will likely end up regretting.

Reduce The Time You Spend Together
The more time you spend seeing your crush, the more the feelings develop. If you see them often, be as friendly as you can be but don’t spend too long chatting with them. If you work in the same place, try and keep your working relationship as professional as possible. Keep As Much distance as you can from them to avoid stories that touch.

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Enjoy The Moment
Sounds funny doesn’t it? But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the fact that you’re crushing on someone or someone asides your partner is admiring you. Enjoy and revel in this fact but never allow it go more than that. Take no further step.

Be Civil
Don’t start acting all charming around your crush no matter how tempted you are. Treat them the same way you’d treat every other person by not giving them special consideration. Be as civil as you can without acting cold or disrespectful. By acting like there’s nothing between you both, you will be able to convince your subconscious that nothing will happen either at the moment or in the future.

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Hide Your Crush
And by hiding them, we mean not flaunting them on social media. By hiding them, you won’t be constantly inundated with their pictures, status updates, tweets or anything that can serve to remind you of them. This will make it easy for you to get over your crush on them.nothing is as bad as waking up to see the picture of the person you’re crushing on everyday. This will only remind you of them and you know how much you need to get your crush out of your head.

Avoid Tempting Fate
You may enjoy the way you’re feeling now because you miss the feeling that comes with liking someone and giving them the chase. It is however important that you remember that you shouldn’t give in to lust and should avoid playing with fire, except if you’re interested in getting burnt.

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Maintain Your Distance
If the person you’re crushing on is a friend or someone who belongs to the same social circle as you, you’re bound to always see them. You should however try to avoid them but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy being yourself. If you’re at a party, chat with everyone including them but remember not to push your luck by gravitating towards your crush.

Avoid Online Communication
Hanging out online may seem harmless but it can get you indulging in things you would rather not. Constantly chatting on blackberry messenger and WhatsApp will do little to quell your crush on them. One thing is bound to lead to another which will end up causing problems for your relationship.

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