Surprising! see how love making affects the brain

Having sex isn’t just a surefire way to feel closer with your partner and enjoy some time connecting with your own body, but sex also has some pretty powerful benefits for your mental health, It’s true that sex is good for the body and brain, and can have both immediate effects as well as long-term benefits, especially as you get older.From lowering stress levels to improving your memory, these are the 10 ways sex affects your brain.

However, it might also cause a rare form of amnesia.

Sex triggers the release of a cocktail of chemicals in the brain:
There’s a reason why sex feels so good, and it’s all because of the brain. During sexual activity, a flood of feel-good hormones are released throughout our bodies, lighting up the reward centers in our brains.

These same chemicals may make you feel sleepy, too:
Aside from the fact that sex can be a pretty rigorous activity, that chemical release can actually make your brain tired, too, leading to that telltale feeling of wanting to doze off into your partner’s arms.

Penetrative sex may also lower your stress and anxiety levels:
It’s easy to feel stressed out more than ever these days, between hectic work days, home lives, social commitments, and seemingly never-ending to-do lists. But one solid remedy is sex, as researchers have proven.Sexual activity creates a response in several areas of the brain, which is why it has so many impacts on our physical and emotional health, including acting as a natural stress reliever.

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Exposure to semen might lower levels of depression in women
Though sex helps boost mental health in all genders, it’s women who benefit most from exposure to her partner’s semen. semen eases depression in women who are not using barrier methods of protection during penetrative sex.

Orgasm also lights up several parts of the female brain:
Though male sexual response has been extensively studied, fewer studies have been done on the effects of sexual response on the female brain.The moments during orgasm, with activity overall being lower during the arousal period beforehand and the recovery period afterward. The activity level increased during orgasm in several parts of the brain, indicating that it’s not just our bodies that experience heightened sensations during orgasm, but our brains as well.

Sex may improve your memory as you age:
As we get older, brain function naturally declines, with our memories increasingly susceptible to decline the older we get. Sex can improve your memory when you’re older, with results showing a direct correlation between more frequent sexual activity and memory performance.

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