LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Here Are 3 Mind Blowing Ways To Have S*x While In The Shower

There are many reasons why you may want to have sex in the bathroom. You may want to get in a quickie before work or perhaps just want to get clean while getting dirty if you know what we mean. Having sex in the bathroom may require a little bit of coordination and a fun attitude. But if you don’t want to risk an injury and awkward situations on your first time, try these three moves.

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Stand and deliver

This is pretty easy and the perfect move if you want to stand under the shower while the water cascades over both your naked bodies. You stand face to face and you wrap one of your legs around him. He holds you in place and moves in and out of you. You may wear a pair of heels of there’s too much of a height difference. And to make things a bit more comfortable, you can rest your back against a wall.

3 Mindblowing Ways To Have Sex In The Bathroom

Bend over

For this move, you will rest your hands on the toilet seat or sink. He enters you from behind with his hands wrapped around your waist. This is a fun move if you want to have sex in the bathroom.

3 Mindblowing Ways To Have Sex In The Bathroom

Tub lovin’

For this, you will need a bathtub that can conveniently contain you both. He lies down in it and you straddle him in the cowgirl position. Your legs should be firmly placed on either side of him while you do all the moving. It’s really up to you to either leave the tub empty or fill it up for an extra thrill.

3 Mindblowing Ways To Have Sex In The Bathroom