Want A Spicy Relationship? Check Out 5 Reasons Why Your Current Relationship Is Boring

Do you feel like your relationship is dangling and less interesting? So many times, you just feel like pulling out and it’s so crazy you don’t know what to do. Relationships at times feel like stress and you begin to have thoughts on where you missed it or who did something wrong. You can spice up your relationship and make it feel so much like fun. It depends on what you want and maybe how you want it. Relationships should not feel like so much of burden, if you do what is needed. These are 5 crazy reasons your relationship is dangling or becoming boring. It could be something you are not getting right.





  1. You are too rigid

Rigidity kills a relationship. Your relationship shouldn’t be planned to act in a particular way. There should be room for flexibility. You should research on ways to make it feel interesting. Go out more often. Do things together often, it strengthens the bond between you two. Your relationship is boring or tiring because either you or your partner don’t make efforts to grow. Your mind is fixed on doing things the way your parents or people around you act in theirs. Create your own type of relationship.


  1. You hold on to things

Definitely, there are times your partner does things that gets on your nerve and you just want to yank off. Issues are bound to occur once in a while, due to differences in individuals. But fights should not be allowed to linger on for long. When you or your partner finds it difficult to let go, it makes it feel like work. Holding on to things for so long, affects how you or your partner take handle the relationship. When fights happen always in a relationship and no one is ready to let go, it prevents growth.



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  1. Distractions

Distractions keeps your mind off the relationship. When your attention is divided, you are not able to put more into the relationship. Distractions could come in various forms. It could be your phone, social media, attractions from opposite sex, work, and other things. If anything is getting your attention more than the relationship, it affects all you put into it. If this is not dealt with on time, you gradually begin to pull back till you get fed up of the relationship eventually.


  1. Boring affection

There are some forms of affection that should not be taken for granted. Even if sex is not the most important tool for a relationship, it is necessary to look for alternatives. Now, it is not about engaging in pre-marital sex, but you could be affectionate. Make your partner feel loved always. The little hugs, kiss, massage, time, attention, surprise gifts, outing, could be your own way of showing affection. Use the right words always. Don’t make everything feel boring. Nothing is wrong in helping with house chores, switching roles in paying bills. Make it feel like fun always. Send random messages to your partner and always make them feel relaxed.



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  1. No quality time

The importance of spending quality time together can never be overlooked. Spending time together makes you grow fond of each other. You are able to know your partner better. This helps you know what turns your partner on or off. When you find it difficult being around your partner, it poses a threat on the relationship. Some people actually prefer the comfort of people outside to their partner. Don’t be so carried away by your phone, friends that you don’t pay attention to your relationship.


The points listed above is basically the reason why many people have issues in their relationships. Communication plays a key role in making a relationship work perfectly well. What you put into a relationship is automatically what you get in return. Spice up your relationship and make it interesting and less boring.




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