HATE ALERT! These Are Some Obvious Signs That Show That Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

Not every person will like you regardless of whether you are better than a candy. People will detest you for reasons unknown and keeping in mind that this ought not stress, a manager who despises you can make your workplace intolerable. How your supervisor treats you will influence your execution and this will just give them more motivations to loathe you. In any case, how would you know whether your supervisor despises you or is just attempting to get the best out of you? The following are 7 conceivable signs that they detest you:

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Continually criticizes your work

Criticism is part and parcel of every job and it’s good for growth. However, if your boss sees nothing good from you and is ever criticizing whatever you do no matter how hard you try, then they honestly don’t like you.


 Micro-managers are no doubt the worst people in any working environment. While some bosses are micro managers in nature, you need to give it a second thought if you are the only person being micromanaged.

Your gut

That little person inside you hardly lies. If you have a feeling that your boss dislikes you, then it’s very possible that indeed they do.

Direct to the point

While you should remain professional at work, it’s never that serious sometimes. But if your boss is ever straight to the point even during briefs and chats that are supposed to be casual, there must be a problem. This is especially so if they engage other employees in a friendly manner.

You do jobs no one wants to do

When your boss hates you, he will give you the responsibilities that no one else would accept to do. Even if it’s not part of your job description, they will make you in charge of serving coffee or clearing the mess after everyone has eaten.

Humiliates you in public

A good boss will correct you with patience and in private. But if your boss scolds you and humiliates you in front of your colleagues, they are simply bullying you because they hate you.

Never agree with you

You can never be always wrong. But even when you are 100% right, a boss who hates you will always get a reason to disagree with you.