FACT!!! If Your Boyfriend Or Crush Is Really Crazy About You, These Are The Things He Will Do To Prove It

In the event that you’ve been single and just getting once again into the dating scene, at this point you likely realize that it’s not in every case simple to know whether a person is into you or not. A few men are great at setting up an exterior when dating particularly in the event that they’re just there to taste the merchandise and skip. Notwithstanding, when you do go over a man that truly enjoys you, thinks about you and has well meaning plans, he will depict the accompanying signs:

He’s attentive.

A guy who likes you will notice even the tiniest details like you having changed your hair, nail polish etc. And, he will not only notice but also compliment you.

He listens to you and genuinely wants to know everything about you.

A guy who is interested in you will talk less and listen more. He will want to know personal details regarding your background, goals, career, things that make you happy and so on.

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He will check in on you often.

He will message you in the morning and evenings and ask you how your day was or wish you a good day.

He will want to do more things with you.

If he likes you, he will want to see you more often which means he will plan things ahead and hope to God that you say yes to joining him. He will make an effort and go that extra mile.

He will be protective of you.

If he really cares about you, he will do small things like opening the car door for you, lending you his jacket on a cold night, etc.

 Physical touch.

He will look for excuses to get closer to you or even touch you, respectfully of course. For instance, you could be having a meal and he will hold your hand or nudge you a little bit with his shoulder as you walk together. Any excuse to be touchy feely definitely means he’s interested in you.

 He makes eye contact.

He will look straight into your eye while talking to you or even just admiring you. Obviously, if the eye contact is like over three minutes then that’s just creepy but, you get my point, eye contact is a good thing. Also, if he tries to make you laugh all the time, that’s a good sign.

Paradoxically, he gets nervous.

If you’re dealing with a shy guy, instead of looking at you, he will probably look away when talking to you every now and then. If he gets nervous when talking to you it means he’s a little bit excited and may find it hard to express himself without stuttering. You know the good kind of jitters? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about.

He blows up your insta.

He’s your biggest fan. You could post a photo in a sack and he would still show up in the comments gassing you up. He compliments you all the time? That’s a guy who likes you.