AWWW! Use These Text Messages And They Will Make Him Fall In Love With You So Hard

Going steady with a guy and not knowing where you stand can be stressful. So make him fall in love with you and seal the deal with these messages. You really can’t go wrong with them. These text messages will make him fall in love with you:

make him fall in love with you

I’m amazed when I hear you speak

When I see you I’m awed, and I’m amazed when I hear you speak. Your eyes are like light and your touch is gentle, taking me to the highest skies. I want you to know my world is much better with you in it. I love you!

You make me better

You push me to be a better person, consistently supporting me and showing me I can do anything. Together, we can do anything and everything. I love you.

You complete me

I used to think I was complete and wanted nothing else. Then you came along, and everything changed, didn’t know I could laugh so loud and feel so much. I might not need you, but I definitely want you!

make him fall in love with you

I love you for who you are

When I think if what love should feel like, I’m sure it’s what I feel right now. You’ve shown me such sacrifice and patience and I can’t begin to say thank you. For being all that you are, I love you.

I’ll love you forever

Finding true love is a lesson in hope, faith and patience. You’ve been all that and more to me and I bless the day I met you. I’ll love you forever and a day.

You are my superstar

You’re worth more than a thousand stars and for every hair on your head, I am thankful. For all that we’ve been through and all that we will still go through, we stand as one. I love you honey

make him fall in love with you

You make me smile

I won’t get all mushy and cheezy, but you’re silly, funny, and cute too. You make me smile and give me goosebumps when you’re not being a silly goofball. For all these and more, I love you.

These messages are sure to get a rise out of him. So send one to your dream man and let’s know how it goes, we won’t tell him where you got it, don’t worry.