What is the secret which you would not tell anybody in real life? (Interesting Real Life Story)

There are some secrets you wouldn’t be willing to tell anyone in real life, while there are some that you’d love people to learn from.

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I was in two minds whether to share or not even as anonymous, but finally decided for it.

The story goes back to about 4 years. I am upper middle class family Indian woman now 29 years, with very good figure and physic working in a reputed company. I have gathered many friends in my office. Female as well as males too, may be due to my behaviour and looks. We have frequent get-togethers at someones place and have a very friendly atmosphere.

Mine was an arranged marriage when I was 22. My husband also is working at one prestigious company, though not at very high level.

My in-laws are very caring for me. They stay in other city where they got retired. As all parents wished, they also were after us to gift them their grandchild. But almost 3 years after marriage, nothing happened though we were not using any safety during our intimacy. When we consulted our doctor, we came to know that my hubby had no ‘power’ required as the count was well below the requirement.

We were very upset, but kept it as secret. We were not in favour of artificial insemination as we can’t trust quality of sperms donor. Other option was to find the “Natural doner” but keeping secrecy also was an issue. He wanted that his friends should not come to know about his inability. In my male friend circle in my office, there was one whom I was really ‘liking’. Let us call him MK. I decided to take a chance.

One fine morning in office, I invited him to take lunch together. During lunch, when we sat together, I was quite nervous about how to start the topic. I told him that one of my close friends needs a help. She desperately wants to have a baby, but her hubby is …. and just few times of intimacy with her will be of great help if everything is kept as total secret.

Her hubby is prepared to accept it. And the doner should not claim on the child. Can you help? He was totally unprepared for all this. He inquired about who is that woman in need. I said, “I will tell you later if you agree”

He showed his willingness and agreed to keep it total secret. After reaching home, I discussed the things with my hubby. He gave his consent. He said, “we can offer our place for this.” But I said that it will be too much awkward for me in your presence. But still, let us call him.

Next day, when MK was alone on his table, I just casually approached his table and said,”wanted to share the details we discussed yesterday. Hope you will keep it to yourself.” He assured it. Then in low voice, I told him that I am that woman who needs your help. He was stunned. I told him to take his own time. But by the end of the day, during coffee break, he told me that he is ready. But we have to plan the things well.

Then I told him that it will be too awkward for me at my home. In 2 days time, he arranged one service apartment near my locality for 15 days. Then in the evening, I took my daily need clothes in a small suitcase and my hubby left me near the service apartment. I said sorry to him. He whispered in my eyes “Don’t be afraid. Everything will be alright” and left.

After some time, MK also reached and we both entered the apartment together and registered there as husband and wife. Room was spacious and arrangement for food, tea coffee etc for the occupants was there. We sat on sofa and both were feeling a bit uncomfortable but excited. My heartbeat was too high. Then he slowly started conversation.

He consoled me for the situation. “Be assured, I will keep everything top secret forever. I am really happy that you chose me to give you a child. Love you so much” And slowly took me in his arms . My body was trembling. He just held me for some time. When I looked up, he took my face near his and gave me a deep kiss. I did not resist. For undressing also, he took the initiative and started removing my clothes.

This was my first experience to be alone in a company of male for intimacy purpose. Though feeling awkward, I liked his patience and initiative. It was such a different feeling when he covered my space between legs with his palm and his fingers searched the inner space also. He took my hand and made my fingers wrap his male part. It was quite hard. After playing with my breasts and pussy, he made me lie down on my back and we had intense intercourse. After that, for sometime, we laid with each other looking into eyes of each other.

I had a mixed feeling of guilt and satisfaction. For the first time in my life, I could experience real pleasure of sex. He said, “You are really very sexy lady. Are you ok now? How are you feeling now?” I said I too enjoyed a lot and thanked him for his support. That night, we had our dinner and came back to room. B

y this time, my shyness was reduced a bit. He started to share some non-veg jokes and that reduced my shyness further. Before going to bed, we had again one round of intercourse. We laid in arms of each other without clothes. It was pleasure to share one common cover and inspecting each others body parts.

In the morning, we both got ready and left for home. My hubby was waiting for me. He did not ask a single word. It was awkward moment for me. He just hugged me and said, “Don’t think so much. Everything will be alright”. He saw tears in my eyes. Then we left for our duty.

For the next 2 weeks, every evening, me and MK spent nights together at apartment. Both were having great time. My shyness was totally gone. I even started taking initiative myself. After a gap of 2 more weeks, we again hired the same apartment for one month and started having our intimate nights there. And nature too helped us. Before the month ended, I was having pregnancy symptoms. Me and my hubby were soo happy. I took permission to go to apartment for one more evening. When me and MK met, I told him the news. He took me in his arms and kissed me passionately.

In due course of time, baby boy was born. MK also was there with my hubby to welcome the newborn. In hospital, when no one else was there, he whispered in my ears “Darling, count on me for your next baby too”. Now our son is 2 and half years. Cute and handsome. Thanks to both, my hubby as well as MK.

Except my husband and MK, this has remained just a top secret till date.

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