HELP!! I Saw Used Condoms In My 3-Year-Old Son’s Bag

I saw used and unused condom in my sons school bag . My son is 3 years and mostly my wife picks him up from school because her office is closer and you know Lagos traffic.



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So today she went to ibadan with her boss and other colleagues and she did not meet up so I had to pick my son up . I made sure he had his bath and ate something. I was trying to be sure he ate his food in school so i opened his school bag,brought out his sock and biscuit nylon then by the side of the bag i touched something, brought it out and it was condom both used and unused.



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My heart started beating so fast,I dropped the bag and reached out for my phone to call my wife. I called my wife and she has not picked up . How do I calm myself down.  It’s like I want to run mad . Help me.




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