Shocking!! Man Orders Wife To Become Friends With His Side Chick

In what could easy be one of the most disrespectful moments in social media, a man posted on Facebook demanding his wife and side chick get along.


“These two better learn to get along,” Lonnie Turner captioned a collage of two women. “I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Why have a cake & can’t eat it??? I want multiple cakes??”




While Lonnie’s intentions behind the post are unclear, the internet soon stepped up in the women’s defense. “I wonder how you would feel if your mother was treated like this…” commented Alegria Monique Pizarro. “Now Lonnie you know I love you homie but you shouldn’t do Tammy like this with this post,” commented Susan Loren. “You two seemed to be back on a good track. She’s your wife and the mother of your children so out of respect for your boys and your wife that I know you love in spite of all the foolishness…. I think you should take the post down.”



“You shouldn’t treat people like sh*** just because you can. Not a good look Lonnie,” commented Tiffany Hodge.

“Beyond disrespectful! Please take Helen Yancy off of this post! She is my best friend from childhood and I refuse to allow this!” commented Leslie Marie, tagging the woman on the right.

While many criticised Lonnie for airing his dirty laundry in public, other users praised his “honesty”.


“I just admire his honesty thats all… at least he is honest there are no secrets! if they choose to stay with him , is it really his fault?” chipped in Letitia Padua.


“This is humiliation not honesty,” pointed out another user.


Lonnie himself took to the comments section to explain his decision to share his dilemma on social media. “Everyone in life have choices,” he wrote in one comment. “I’m simply stating my desires. If someone chooses to stray away from what I feel I deserve, may The Lord not only Bless them, but may The Lord supply ALL of their needs!!!”



In a separate comment, he went on about he has “chosen to deal with these two for the past couple years, but it seems to be becoming too challenging because of the hate they have for one another. Either of the two can grab their ‘hat & coat’ and move on to a different situation, he wrote in part. “I’m simply stating what my desire is so they both will understand what is required. I’ve told them both privately. Now they should know I’m dead serious, and we have the entire world as witnesses. I’m not a regular guy. I have the ability to change lives. I’m also very generous. My wife had a great life before we ever got married because of the fact we had children. They both remember how life was before me. I’m sure they don’t want to go back to eating leftover taco meat and soup.”




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