OMG! See What Angry Man Did To Hotel Manager Who Entered His Room While He Was Making Love In Lagos

Wonders shall never end! Just when you thought you had seen it all, this goes and happen. So, a bizarre event recently hit the internet and people are going wild because of it. This involves a Yoruba man who went for a sexual rendezvous in a hotel in Surulere. He was in the zone, busily attending to his ‘business’ with his date when he heard his hotel room door opened. In astonishment, he turned around distractedly to know the cause of the intrusion. Lo! and behold, it was the hotel manager who had gained entry into the room without permisssion. This infuriated the man and he began to lambast the hotel manager.

Trust social media users! They had a field day as they all expressed their thoughts on the matter. Here are some comments gathered on the matter;

“Haba… One of the reasons I don’t trust that fine policeman that said we can knack in our car no problem.. who am I to question a while Nigeria.”

“I can feel this man because that kind thing dey pain ooo when that sweetness of orgasm dey close one person go come spoil show. oga never cum.”

“Sir, I guess he heard screams from his side. He wanted to know if everything is alright.”

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