Shocking!!! Nigerian Lady shares after-s*x photos with her white lover in bathtub

A Nigerian lady has got herself trending on social media after sharing unclad photos of herself and her White lover having a good time. The trending pictures show the young lady and her foreign partner having a romantic time in a bathtub. The lady who seemed to not disturbed by criticisms/backlash from online trolls, decided to share the pictures to show the public the extent of love she has for her man.

This has prompted Nigerian internet users to slam her via social media as they reacted to the pictures with some criticising her and others hailing her for doing her thing.

See some reactions below;

Recall that the pervasive poverty in Nigeria has resulted in the rush for white men by Nigerian girls and this is fast growing in the country.

While some of these girls are undergraduates in various higher institutions of learning in the country, others are just trying to make ends meet.

Some of these white men are in Nigeria for greener pastures while others are called upon by companies operating in the country to take up jobs because of their technical know-how.

The girls often meet these men, a term used to describe Europeans, White Americans and Asians, in places like night clubs, bars, shopping malls and parties.

According to reports, one of the girls once confirmed that Nigerian girls prefer white men because they spend money without thinking twice. She also said they were more romantic.

Citing an instance, the lady who is excited about having white men as lovers, said she has vowed never to date any black man until when she is ready for marriage.

According to her, this vow became necessary after experiencing several heartbreaks with Nigerian men.

“Can you believe that the last one I dated was a married man with three kids? He never told me he was married until I almost got lynched by his wife who saw us while we were in the heat of passion in his supposed house. “I would have been dead by now. The worst part of it was that he hardly gave me money for my upkeep and he monitored my daily activities as if I was in prison custody, yet I stayed in the relationship as I needed a man desperately,” she explained.

She said she was introduced into the “business” by a friend and since then she has “been living in the sweetest world. “I now have a Honda car and a well furnished apartment.”

Another girl, who maintained anonymity said she prefers dating white men because “they are more understanding and they give us freedom to do a lot of things compared to their Nigerian counterparts.”