PANIC in Abuja as suspected Boko Haram terrorist with AK47 was spotted roaming the street

Insecurity apart from being the fear of every Nigerian has become the word on the lips of every Nigerian and a
discussion topic where two or three Nigerians gather. This phenomenon is a state of being subject to danger or
injury. It is the anxiety one experience when one feels vulnerable and insecure.


A civilian with AK47 spotted in Abuja, has been exposed on social media by a man identified as Olumide Olaniyan, who raised the alarm after seeing the armed civilian roaming freely in Nyanya. According to him, he felt like challenging the man, but he had a 2nd thought as he was not sure of who he really was. He then took to social media to call the attention of security operatives to the incident.


There is a dramatic increase in violence, terrorism and the like, in Nigeria today. Lawless
sects are raising the tempo of their campaign in various parts of the country. We hear of series of bombings, shooting and killings, kidnappings, armed robbery and so on. These take place from
north to south, east to west and almost on daily basis.


Several illegal armed groups, ethnic militia groups, religious fundamentalist and fanatics, are evidence of insecurity in Nigeria. These have given birth to series of bombings, murder, arson, armed robbery, corruption, injustices that we hear everyday. It is clear that these happenings are negatively affecting Nigeria politically, religiously and culturally.


Read what Olumide wrote below

I was driving along Mararaba-Nyanya road this morning. I saw this man with a gun that looks like AK-47 or an automatic gun, I initially thought he is a security personnel, but, his dress, shoes and overall shabby look suggests otherwise.I was tempted to go ask him about his ID card and why he was such a psychological violence to onlookers. Then, I remembered Maama Sunde’s counsel those days I used to do student activism at the University of Bariga, “ma se subolation si oro oloro, [don’t interfere in other people’s matter, face yours]”.


I felt that it is my business to ensure that there is safety and security in the land. I felt like questioning this dangerous looking man, on behalf of Nigeria. But, my sense talked to my brain, they both forced me to drive on. I will never know if the man is a vigilante, or a state security personnel. That certainly was not a Dane gun. That clothing was not a security personnel uniform. An undercover agent won’t expose himself with an automatic gun in public. Our country is currently a fragile state, no onewho isn’t a security personnel, should be allowed to move around with arms which may distress others.


Could this man be one of those so called Malian herdsmen that have flooded Tangaza LGA and other areas in Sokoto state? Nigeria needs to protect its territories from (possible) internal and external aggression. When people just walk along, unbothered with this kind of an uninformed and ununiformed man in their midst, it means we are drifting towards Hobbesian Democracy…



Do you think a Boko Haram member would be walking freely on the street of Abuja without fear?