How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You? The Signs Have Been There All Along!

Regardless of whether you’ve speculated it for a considerable length of time or it’s been gobbling you up for quite a long time, when you think your partner is cheating, it’s a horrible inclination to live with. Instead of patiently remaining by while you hold up to find reality, there are signs that will show regardless of whether your partner is being untrue. While it’s critical to take note of the contrast among distrustfulness and genuine, good ‘ol fashioned signs, it’s additionally basic to remember that the accompanying signs are just pointers of a duping partners, so they don’t really demonstrate treachery. In any case, on the off chance that you’re seeing a few of these signs in your beau or sweetheart, your relationship might be in a bad position.

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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

If your affair radar is up, here are some signs to keep an eye on:

Their Timing or Routine Changes

Handling an affair is a balancing act, which means cheating partners have to count their minutes. If you notice that your partner’s schedule or routine suddenly changes, it could mean that they’re being unfaithful.

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They’re Eager to Start Fights With You

When a partner cheats, it’s common for them to feel emotions like shame, anger, and guilt, and to look for somewhere to displace those feelings.

Your Partner Stops Talking to You

When communication starts to fade, it’s a definite sign that something is up.

They Smell Different

Everyone knows this one is clichéd, but it is also true. If your partner is coming around smelling like a perfume or aftershave that you don’t wear, then he or she has been too close with someone who does wear it.

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Your Partner’s Interests Change

When someone spends enough time with someone new, they begin to adopt their views, or at least understand them. This can include anything from music and books, to politics and social views.

They Make Excuses to Do Things on Their Own

If your partner suddenly has excuses to take their own car, or wants to run errands on their own, then it could be because they’re up to no good.

They Start Acting Immaturely

It’s no secret that affairs can make people feel young and impulsive again, and that those feelings can spill over into other behaviours. If your partner suddenly shows an interest in hitting the town or partying like a 20-something year old, then they could be cheating on you.

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Your Partner’s Sex Drive Increases

In committed relationships, it’s not uncommon for your sex life to be a roller coaster of highs and lows. However, if your partner has simmered down in the bedroom then suddenly has an insane sex drive, it’s possible that their libido has been reawakened by someone else.

They Accuse You of Being too Friendly

A common realization unfaithful partners experience is just how easily you could cheat on them. If you’ve noticed that your partner is suddenly watching you like a hawk, or accusing you of being too flirty with others, it could very well the result of them cheating.

They Lose Their Jealous Streak 

Let’s say your partner was once the type of person who would get upset when another man or woman checked you out. Then suddenly, they’re encouraging strangers’ wandering eyes or telling you how great it is that others are into you. It may seem harmless, but it’s also a red flag for cheating.

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They Justify Cheating And Affairs

Imagine your best friend’s boyfriend is cheating and you share the news with your partner. To your surprise, your partner becomes defensive when you tell them, and says things like, “well he wasn’t happy anyways,” or “people have affairs all the time.”

They Get Lost in Their Lies

When you innocently inquire about their last trip to the grocery store, can you almost see the wheels turning in their head: Did I tell her I went to the grocery store? What did I tell her I was shopping for? Are they trying to trap me in a lie?


They Hide Their Phone From You

Have you caught your partner hiding their phone from you, deleting messages or getting paranoid anytime you’re near it? If so, then the alarm bells should be ringing! This kind of behaviour is a clear sign that they’re hiding something from you.

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They Don’t Like You Coming Over Unannounced

If your partner used to love your surprise visits but is suddenly irritated by them, it’s because they don’t want you around at certain times.

They Have Unexplained Bills

Whether it’s hotel bills, meal receipts for two or gifts that you never received, if you find these kind of things around their car or home, then watch out.

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Their Friends Act Different Toward You

Have his or her friends begun to act oddly around you? When you casually talk to them do they seem awkward, nervous, or eager to end the conversation? If so, it’s probably because they know something you don’t know.

They Casually Mention an End to Your Relationship

If your partner starts asking questions like,“what would you do if we broke up?” or says things like, “you’d be fine without me,” those are key hints that they’re considering ending things with you.

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