Horrifying!! Husband Brutalizes Wife For Refusing To Sleep With Him (Photos)

A Nigerian man has battered his wife for refusing to enter “the other room” with him! The storry and heart breaking photos were shared by a twitter user!She wrote: This woman got the beating of her life for refusing to have sex with her husband. How can a man inflict such injury on his wife . No means NO!!! STOP managing abusive Men!  #LeavetoLIVE

Many a time women have  been brutalize in their husband’s house for one trivial reason or the other, another incident had occurred where a woman has been left in a dilemma after being a victim of domestic violence and also accused by her husband of having an extra-marital affair.

It was gathered that the man who had been monitoring his wife’s phone to know those who call her, was angry after calling one of the numbers from her phone in the midnight and heard a male voice. According to Emeka Ugwuonye, the husband after hearing the male voice beat his wife and cut her hair with scissors despite pleas from the woman that the said man is just a friend and nothing more. The husband allegedly dragged the wife to the man’s hotel by 1 a.m and purportedly forced the friend to take her as he accused both of them of dating.

The man found a number he was not familiar with. He called that number and a man answered. It was midnight when he called. The other man dropped the phone after hearing it was a male voice. The husband got very upset with his wife because he called a number on her phone and the person dropped the phone. He began to beat his wife. He tool scissors and cut her hair. The woman tried to explain that it was an old friend that called him. He still beat her up. Then her into the car and took her to the hotel where the wife told him the man was staying.
He took her to that hotel by 1am. He insisted the wife must call the man down.

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