ATTENTION! NEVER Do These Things After A Break Up

When you part ways with somebody, a typical misstep is to center around your ex and their life which is ordinary. What you ought to center around is yourself and what is next for you and you can do this by abstaining from doing these after a separation:

Don’t blow up your ex’s phone

So you drink a bit too much one night and feel like that’s the best time to let your ex know how they hurt you. You end up blowing up their phone and leave them enough messages. They don’t bother to respond. Ouch.

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Not take time to heal from your break up

It is okay to take some time to heal after a break up. It is okay to not be okay after a break up. Don’t ask mutual friends about how they are doing because it might make you feel worse that they are doing better than you are. Go out and learn to live your life.

Try get revenge on them

Your ex might have moved on before you after the break up so you decide to show them that you are also happy in your life when you aren’t. All this does is portray a lot of desperation from your end.

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Make your break up public

Some things are usually best kept private and one of those things is your break up. It will only invite opinions that you don’t really need.

Jump into a new relationship

Jumping into a new relationship right after breaking up with someone is not only unfair to you but to the person that you’re getting into a new relationship with. You may not be fully over your ex and it can translate into your new relationship. You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.

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