You Won’t Believe The Viral Bizarre Photos Of Headless Chicken Still Standing After Being Decapitated

The headless chicken that found internet fame for surviving more than a week after being decapitated has now been adopted by monks. Earlier this week the headless chicken made headlines around the world as it survived a beheading and was looked after by a kindly vet.

The remarkable bird was found in the Mueang Ratchaburi district of Ratchaburi Province in central, Thailand.
Now a new video of the amazing creature is going viral, showing monks caring for it by feeding it through a syringe.

She said at the time: “The animal has its life. If it wants to live, we feed it.” Very occasionally, chickens survive being beheaded because of an unusual quirk of their anatomy. The birds’ brains are in their skulls at an angle, so the rear portion that controls automatic functions such as breathing can be left intact if the chicken is beheaded too high up the neck. The vet who looked after the chicken called it ‘a true warrior. Over 70years ago, a farmer beheaded a chicken in Colorado, and it refused to die.

Mike, as the bird became known, survived for 18 months and became famous. But how did he live without a head for so long, asks Chris Stokel-Walker. On 10 September 1945, Lloyd Olsen and his wife Clara were killing chickens, on their farm in Fruita, Colorado. Olsen would decapitate the birds, his wife would clean them up. But one of the 40 or 50 animals that went under Olsen’s hatchet that day didn’t behave like the rest.

They got down to the end and had one who was still alive, up and walking around, says the couple’s great-grandson. The chicken kicked and ran, and didn’t stop. It was placed in an old apple box on the farm’s screened porch for the night, and when Lloyd Olsen woke the following morning, he stepped outside to see what had happened. “The damn thing was still alive,” says Waters.