4 Obvious Signals You Shouldn’t Ignore If You’re Planning To Move In With Your Partner

How do you know if your relationship is moving too quickly? Here are some easy signals to look out for that can indicate that it’s too soon to move in with your partner:

You haven’t discussed about money

Couple must talk about finances before moving in together. You need to be on the same page when it comes to dividing expenses and the kind of thing each person should buy using the joint saving account. Each partner must be financially healthy to fulfill their financial responsibility. If you avoid doing so, you will likely end up arguing about money pretty quickly upon moving in together.

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Other people are unhappy about your decisions

Most parents want their children to walk down the aisle before sharing the same bed with their partners. It brings joy and honor to the family’s name. If your parents don’t support your decision about you two living together, you might want to stop and listen. Sometimes our close circle can see things about our partner that we can’t due to being blinded by love.

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You think it could solve your problems

Living under the same roof can’t solve your relationship problems. Just think about it. Why do couples living in the same roof for years divorce? Moving will only intensify any anger, stress, and resentment you have. You need to identify what is really wrong in your relationship and come up with practical ways to solve those issues.

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You have different ideas of what moving-in together looks like

While you are thinking of moving in together to spend more time with your partner, they might be moving in to save money on rent. You might also decide what moving in means to you. Do you guys plan to spend every night cooking together or do you still plan to go out with your friends several nights a week? Expectations about how the relationship will grow and change need to be discussed prior to getting a new place.

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