12 Amazing Cheap Things You Can Do As A Couple To Stay In Touch Instead Of Texting All Day

Write a letter and stick it in their bag. Take some inspo from Peter Kavinsky and keep it short and sweet if that’s more your style. Write about how you’re excited for tonight’s date, or let them know you appreciate something they did the night before. It’s sweeter than a text.

Keep a list of everything that made you think of them. Share it at the end of the day. See a cute dog you think they’d like? Write it down. Walk by one of your favorite restaurants on your break? Write it down.

Make each other lunch and keep it a surprise. It doesn’t have to be a three-course meal or anything complicated, but trying to make each other’s favorite foods and put the effort in is a lot of fun.

Write a letter and mail it to their office. No one gets mail that isn’t a bill anymore. It’s fun to get real mail. Plus, you get to open a letter at your desk like you’re the kind of important person who still gets letters.

Set a ground rule: you get to send each other one picture between 9 and 5. One. This only works if you stay committed to the premise. What you send is up to you: a funny inside joke, a sexy picture, or just your smiling face to remind them what they have to look forward to when they’re off of work later.

Promise to talk about your day over dinner. This is how people used to do things before cell phones. Way back in the day. Save it all for when you get home and talk about it all face to face.

Send them flowers, a candy-gram, singing telegram, or get a lunch delivered. Save it for when they seem to be having a stressful week or just out of the blue to make their day even better.

Take 15 minutes to call each other on your lunch breaks. This only works if your breaks line up in any way. Alternatively, just call them at work and pretend it’s official business.

If it’s feasible, carpool or commute together. Spend some quality time on the drive up (or if you’re not morning people, just sit in silence) and decompress together on the way down.

If your need to text is really bad, start a text jar. Put a dollar in every time you reach for your phone, and have your boo do the same. At the end of the week put it toward a date night. Just keep in mind that if you’re the kind of person who is typically on their phone constantly, this will bankrupt you.

Play Words with Friends. Sure, you’ll still be reaching for your phone, but hopefully not as often. It’s easier to download a game like Pictionary that lets you respond whenever you get a few minutes to yourself, and you won’t feel as obligated to be glued to your screen.