‘Football is Satanic, was created by Satan’

Football is a satanic sport, according to A.F Funmilayo, a self-proclaimed Christian evangelist ‘with strong apostolic and prophetic ministry’.

Funmilayo, who authored a book titled: “The Game of The Anti-Christ (Exposing the Secret Behind Football”, has now caused quite a stir on Twitter, with different reactions trailing some of her claims in the book.

In chapter 5 of the book titled, “The god of soccer”, Funmilayo claimed the popular phrase, ‘god of soccer’ is indeed a god created by Satan to be worshipped by football fans worldwide. Part of the chapter reads: “There is a spirit behind the game of football. This spirit is not and never of God but, as disclosed in the previous chapter, is that of Satan.”

Part of that chapter goes on to read that: “Some or even majority of them (football fans and commentators) may not understand the implication of the term but it is a reference to the Satanic spirit in charge of the game of soccer.”

See some of the reactions on Twitter below: