Video: 33 years old midfielder banned for life after stabbing opposition players during football match

Amedspor midfielder Mansur Çalar has been banned from football for life after allegedly taking a blade onto the pitch during a Turkish third-tier game against Sakaryaspor and attacking four opposition players, leaving one with slash marks on his neck.

Video footage that emerged after the incident appears to show Çalar using a small knife to attack Sakaryaspor players but the referee apparently did not witness the incidents depite the player’s protests. After the game, the four players filed a police complaint against Çalar.

Prosecutors investigating the claims have slapped a no-travel order on Çalar and ordered him to report to the local police station in Diyarbakir every two days.
Çalar banned for life

Meanwhile, the Turkish Football Federation wasted little time in banning Çalar for life, a decision applauded by Sakaryaspor coach Ismail Ertekin. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt he set out to hurt our players. A human being does not do that. If the federation had not taken the decision to ban him for life, we would have gone to UEFA to protest and get them to act.”

Amedspor president Ali Karakas had a different view of events: “This decision is completely unacceptable. It’s wilful and biased.”