Liverpool Slipped In EPL Race And The Memes Are Hilarious!

Liverpool. The perennial also-rans slipped again in their bid to get their first league title. They drew away to Everton at Goodison park and a memestorm was created!

Even the Everton ballboy gave Klopp a hand.

Opposition teams who lost their matches but are happy Liverpool bottled their game.

Klopp also gave a logical reason for the draw.

And this is all of us non-Liverpool fans right now.

To know how much this blows, Liverpool were ten whole points ahead of Manchester City just two months ago.

Moving away from the Liverpool match, look at this gem.

I mean, I love you girl but do you want me dead or something. The boyfriend’s predicament actually reminds me of this Kevin Hart piece.

Both the boyfriend and the match reminded me of this tweet.
When a mountain lion is trying to eat you, I doubt you have time to ask for it’s birthdate.
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12 years after Midfield Maestro, David Beckham joined the LA Galaxy, they have now honoured him with his own statue

30 minutes after the statue unveiling it started raining heavily. Maybe the soccer gods wanted a Landon Donovan statue instead.
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UFC 235 was last night and Nigerians are happyyy!!!!

The reason? Kamaru ‘the Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman has become the first Nigerian to wear UFC gold!

If you didn’t see the fight, here is a highlight.

I know many of us wanted it to be Isreal ‘the Last Stylebender’ Adesanya, but hey if they keep up the energy and keep giving us videos like this, I am fine!

And for those who like the indigenous spin on things, I give you Dembe!

Isreal Adesanya may be the best striker in the UFC but the undisputed striker of the world is none other than ASUU,
I saw that ASUU was trending and I instinctively knew it was not for a good reason.

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