I’m Not Mad Or Asking Lusambo To Marry Me, I Just Want Him To Care For His Children – Baby Mama

I am not mad or asking Lusambo to marry me, I just want him to take care of his children – Lusambo’s Baby mama Mercy Cowham cries out. This is another video of the lady claiming to be Bowman Lusambo’s Baby mama, where she is is seen making claims of not being interested in him getting married to her.

What was meant to be a dispute between two consenting adults is now spiraling out of control. While the accuser is standing by her version of the story, the accused has been steadfast in his denials. As far as he is concerned, he has never met the accuser.

Spare a thought for Bowman Lusambo, he now has to live under an embarrassing cloud of a sexual innuendo – largely due to his accuser and social media zealots. Notwithstanding the allegations of negligence of the children he is purported to have sired with the accuser, the biggest threat facing the politician affectionately known as the bulldozer is a possible charge for rape – should it be proven that he is indeed the father to Mercy Cowham’s first born child.

She alleges that the bulldozer first deflowered her when she was a minor. Most important to this saga is Cowham’s flawless narration of her sordid encounters with the bulldozer. In fact, her story seems credible enough to validate her mental stability. To the contrary, Bowman has been on the backfoot, ducking and diving while pontificating his innocence. Just who is telling the truth between the two is difficult to tell. For now, hold your judgement.

However, a thorough investigation of Cowham’s motive for impugning Lusambo’s character casts some doubt on her tale. Could this be one of those failed attempts at extortion? Regardless of the speculation, why should this story even bother say a, high flying Mr. Simoson Ndiwabufi, or a low-class Ms. Mary Ndiwapamulomo for that matter? Put differently, is there a sinless mortal still living on this earth?

Never mind that Bowman is a public figure, is it fair that his private life is being splashed all over social media platforms in such a reckless manner? Here is a challenge. There is a high probability that Cowham allegations could well turn out to be a big lie that has only served to besmirch Bowman’s fledging political career.

Sadly, for Cowham, a bottle of mineral water is the only incentive she got to rain all manner of vulgarities at the man she claims to be the father of her children. I bet you, this story still has some legs.